About/Contact Me

You can contact me via email: peter at shadowofyourwings dot com.

I am a baby boomer.  In my early teens, I moved with my parents to Toronto, Canada. My studies took me to Waterloo, Ontario, and Edmonton, Alberta, resulting in a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence.

My professional career was launched in Vancouver, British Columbia, where I now live with my wife and daughter. After 25 years in professional software development, I moved on to become a freelancer, and writing about technology. In addition to Shadow Of Your Wings, I have 2 other blogs: Spanish as a Third Language, and Linux Commando, which is about the Linux operating system. I also contribute to other technology blogs such as Linux Hint.

Besides obvious technology interests, I like reading (my blog will feature book reviews) and ballroom dancing.  I am one (natural) language away from being a polyglot. English and Chinese are the 2 languages I speak fluently.  I am learning Spanish from 2 world-famous teachers, Netflix and Duolingo.