Self-isolated? 20 new things to do – part 2/2

Part 1 (#1-10)

11. Support local restaurants

Sadly, not all retail businesses will survive COVID-19. Small neighborhood restaurants are especially vulnerable.

What you can do, during self-quarantine, is to identify the local restaurants that you like to support, and order take-out from them.

Not everyone is into takeout food, myself included. Still, compile the list in the meantime, and patronize them post-pandemic.

I plan to compile a list of no fewer than 5 neighborhood restaurants, of which some are venues I frequented prior and some never before.

12. Complete an edX online course

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

― Henry Ford

EdX offers 2500+ online courses, all free, from 140 top academic institutions. Many courses there are self-paced which you can start at any time. You will definitely find a course that piques your interest.

For me, it is Nutrition, Heart Disease and Diabetes offered by Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

13. Call a long-lost college buddy

Take your pick from the wide variety of ways to make the contact: Zoom, Skype, messaging, email, phone…

14. Call a long-lost relative

Your long-lost cousin, uncle, aunt … will be most delighted to hear from you. Please give first priority to those living in retirement homes and seniors’ homes.

15. Read up on your favorite beverage

What is your favorite beverage? Coffee? Tea? Beer? Wine? Milkshake?

Each drink has a history and tradition to tell, and during my self-isolation, I plan to read up on tea, the second most commonly consumed beverage in the world, after water.

Resource: Darjeeling: The Colorful History and Precarious Fate of the World’s Greatest Tea

16. Follow a new Olympic sport

The Tokyo 2020 summer Olympic games had been postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19. That means you have one year to be acquainted with a Olympic sport that you know little before. It is more fun if you choose a sport for which your country qualifies. Rugby is my choice.

17. Compile a personalized top-10 list

Because I had already published my list of top 10 non-fiction books, I went for top 10 movies of all time.

18. Discover a new music genre

Music is like food, if you stick to only 1 kind, however good it maybe, you are definitely missing out.

Consult Wikipedia for popular music genres. Continuing with my Spanish theme, I picked Bachata.

19. Master a new app

Innovative useful apps get written all the time, often at a faster pace than their adoption. I am embarrassed to admit that Google Maps is somewhat underused on my smartphone. That is about to change.

20. Write to a local inspiring author

I caught on to this idea from my friend Ernest. He was so inspired after reading the 2 books by the Canadian adventurer Don Starkell (Paddle to the Amazon and Paddle to the Arctic) that he looked up the author in the phone book and called to ask to meet in person. A special long-lasting and rewarding friendship developed.

The phone number method may not work as well nowadays. But then there is always social media.