Keep your (eye)sight on the big picture

Since mid-November of 2017,  for about 2 months, my left eye was visibly red, and very irritating. I first noticed the redness the day following a flight to Toronto.  (I must have taken the ‘red-eye’ special). After a visit to a Toronto walk-in clinic, a visit to my family doctor back home, and then to an optometrist, it was finally explained to me that it was not an eye infection. Instead, I had ‘eye pimples’ (more correctly, styes under my eyelid).

While it was not particularly painful, (just irritating), it got me thinking about my eyesight.

I am well aware that aging causes loss of muscle strength, hence  strength training.  But, eyesight? Yes, our eyes age as well. Just like we embark on strength training to counteract muscle weakening due to age, perhaps we can do something to protect our eyes.

The Government of Canada has put together an official webpage on vision care for the aging. I highly recommend that you read it. It covers the symptoms of vision deterioration, and some practical tips on eye care and maintenance. (I did have a good chuckle over 1 of the symptoms, “Choosing bright over dull colored objects or clothing”, while I was staring at my bright red Christmas socks.)

I am on my computer a lot, sometimes hours at a time. One useful eye-care technique is the zoom-in keyboard shortcut.  While you are inside a browser, zooming in makes everything on the webpage bigger. The shortcut is invoked when you press the Control (Ctrl) and the Plus (+) keys at the same time.  (For macOS users, press the Command (⌘) and the Plus keys. ) You may repeat the shortcut to make things bigger and bigger. The shortcut works for all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox,  Safari, and Edge.  To zoom out, i.e., making everything smaller again, press the Control (or Command for macOS) and the Minus (-) keys.

Given it is the New Year, will you join me in making better vision care a resolution for 2018?