Stop and smell the roses

Too busy to stop and smell the roses? Don’t be. Recent research reported that older adults with dysfunction of the sense of smell had more than twice the odds of  developing dementia in 5 years.

Dementia is to me one of the most dehumanizing incurable disease of modern times. It affects 10% of the world population, mostly but not necessarily the aged. My mother was part of the 10%.

If you ever had a loved one suffering from the disease, you knew first-hand  what it was actually like:  a gradual yet self-aware descent into a debilitating dependent institutionalized life.

I tip my hat to the caregivers of people suffering from dementia. The emotional and physical toll can be quite taxing on your own well-being. While your acts of kindness may not be that visible and rewarding this side of heaven, you can rest assured that the Heavenly Father knows and remembers, very well.

We love to plan, seek advice, take actions, solve the next problem.  For someone like me, it is very difficult to just sit back and enjoy the here and now. Some call it living in the moment. It is an art that does not come naturally to all.

I hope this post becomes a  reminder for you and I to just stop and take a deep breath. Maybe, we can actually smell the roses around us.


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