Steering a parked car

No, you cannot steer a parked car. Nobody can, not even the Almighty. Yet, we sometimes try it in real-life situations. We park our life, waiting for a spark, a eureka moment that never seems to come.

When we were younger, we might not know what we wanted to do with our lives. There were so many options open to us, and we might end up taking the path of least resistance, the easiest alternative. Now, we are in our 40’s, 50’s, and beyond. It is safe to say that we know what we want. We may even know how to achieve it, at least, the next few steps we need to take to make some progress toward our goals.

We know the what and partially the how. But, our life is still moored, parked, going nowhere. The reasons for the inaction can be either or both of the following:

  • Perfectionism
    We want to devise the perfect action plan and wait for the most opportune time before we step out.
  • Fear
    Change always bring forth uncertainty, and uncertainty, discomfort.

I mentioned in Married to a Zumba instructor that my wife, Jennifer, is a licensed Zumba instructor. Initially, she took up Zumba as a student to get her workout in. She soon fell in love with Zumba. Her passion grew to a point where she took instructor training, and became a license Zumba instructor. Today, Jennifer moonlights as a part-time Zumba instructor. She still loves her day-time job as a bank manager, but she also teaches one weekly Zumba class in the evening, and occasionally substitutes for other instructors in nearby community centers.

Chance favors the prepared mind.
Louis Pasteur

It all started with the desire to get fit. Then, one thing leads to the other. And she is now qualified to teach Zumba. By providence or by chance, it does not really matter. The main takeaway is that unless we are willing to take the first step out, we will remain stuck in the status quo. Taking a step forward sets into motion new challenges we will face, new people we will meet, and unforeseen opportunities that would never have presented themselves without the crucial first step.

It is time to muster the courage to take the great leap forward.