Connecting with people

My college buddy, Edward, lives in Tennessee, USA, 4,000 kilometres (or 2,500 miles) away from I live in British Columbia, Canada. He sends an annual Christmas newsletter to stay in touch.

Chris Crowley, in his New York Times bestseller Younger Next Year, devotes an entire chapter on connecting and committing. Exercise may give you longevity in life. But connections and commitment will give you the quality in life.

How do you connect with your friends and loved ones?

With the advent of the Internet, there are so many ways to connect: Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, blogging. My favourite is blogging, and you are reading one of my blogs right now.

I prefer blogging because I like to use words to express myself. I have Renee, my thesis supervisor, to thank for that.

This blog is written on the WordPress blogging platform. WordPress is the number one website builder today, and powers a whopping 28% of all websites in the entire Internet. Impressive.

WordPress is perfect for the tech-savvy boomers. The learning curve is relatively low to medium compared to other platforms. Be prepared however to spend up to a day to learn the basics before you publish your first article. I believe it is time well spent.

You can sign up for a free account on the WordPress website. Note that, with a free account, WordPress will display ads on your blog. To be ad-free, you need to upgrade to the WordPress Personal account with a monthly subscription fee of about $5.

If you want a even simpler website builder platform, try is a completely free Google product. While it is less customizable than WordPress, the learning curve is so low that you can start blogging right after you sign up for the free service.

Please share with us your way to connect with people in the comments below.

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