Married to a Zumba instructor

What is life like being married to a licensed Zumba® instructor? It depends on how often she teaches per week. Jennifer, my wife, has been teaching Zumba twice a week. So, I get to Zumba every week, twice in fact.

Zumba is a dancercise that fuses aerobics and Latin dancing steps. It is a global trending workout phenomenon with 15 million participants in 200,000 locations spanning 180 countries. Zumba is not just for young dudes and dudettes. There are people in their 80’s in the classes I attend. Amazing.

Tai qiI have to admit that there are usually more ladies than gentlemen in a Zumba workout, but I love Zumba nevertheless. Before I started doing Zumba, I had been doing Tai Qi for 3 years. Tai Qi is great for flexibility, but I was looking for an aerobic workout. So, Zumba fits the bill better. (And the fact that I’m married to a Zumba-licensed instructor is a major consideration too.)

Besides 2 Zumba workouts, I also jog once a week for about 40 minutes. This is a far cry from what the authors of the New York Times bestseller Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy – Until You’re 80 and Beyond recommends. The Younger Next Year book claims that you can turn back the biological clock if you exercise 6 days a week, stop eating crap, and make meaningful social connections and commitments. I’m half way there because I only exercise 3 days a week.

What kind of exercise program do you currently have? Aquafit, Yoga, Tai Qi, Zumba? What you do is not as important as who you do it with. My experience tells me that the key to exercising regularly is to do it in a group setting. You can sign up for any of the aforementioned exercise programs in a community center for a small fee. What are you still waiting for?

Like the Zumba people may say, “Let it move you.”